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Hello! We are a group of players which have followed the game since day one. We are playing for 10 years, made friendships, relationships and even one or two marriages with people we've met in 4Story. A great community has been built throughout the years in every server and this is why we love this game so much. Today we are making this post on the German forum to ask the people in charge (CoMas etc) to please tell us if there is anything on the horizon for the game. It has been nearly 3 years without anything major added to the game (level and progress wise at least). What really happened when Zemi closed their servers? Did they continue the game development or just nuked everything? We understand that there is no way you can tell us everything.. but please we would really appreciate some info on what is happening and for what we should hope for. We will not judge we just want to know. Thank you for reading this and we hope that we can keep this great game alive #EMO_ALT_1#
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Stufe 19, Kalinor
I wouldn't get your hopes up high. The team will either ignore your question or come up with the same bullshit excuse they always give: "We are working on it"/"We can't tell you anything about that" etc.

The community has been neglected for a very long time now and I think it is time to come to terms with the fact that this game is pretty much dead.
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